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Do you cover vaccinations?

Created on May 22, 2024 -

Tick Insurance provide cover for necessary and emergency medical expenses incurred overseas whilst on your trip due to you becoming ill, injured or dying during the trip.  This may include vaccination if that is as a result of an injury or illness. Please note that you are not Any  claim  arising  as  a  result  of you,  or  any  person for  whom you may  cancel  or  alter your travel plans , failing to get the inoculations or vaccinations that you need to travel.

Tick Insurance does not provide cover for any vaccination that you were aware of before starting the trip or any claims relating to failure to take recommended vaccination for your destination.

Tick Insurance can provide you with pre trip advice such as what vaccinations are required and the local medical conditions at your destination. Please contact +61 2 9333 3999 to avail this information