Your Benefits

At Tick Travel Insurance, it’s important to us that you understand the cover you’re about to take out!

So, we’ve made it easy for you to understand what your policy involves. We lay out the terms so you know exactly what you’re buying and what benefits you can claim if the need arises. Please check the full PDS to decide if this cover is right for you and contact us if you have any questions.

Medical & Hospital Benefits

We’re thrilled to offer Unlimited Overseas medical cover for all our travellers, no matter which level of cover you choose.

This means that if you need medical or hospital treatment while overseas, we’ll cover the cost of your treatments. We can also:

  • Cover any ambulance and emergency surgery costs
  • Help you in the event of a medical emergency and ensure you receive the best level of care
  • Assist you in getting home if medically necessary
  • Provide you with cover if you or someone under your policy dies while overseas

Emergency Costs

If you experience an emergency or trip disruption overseas, we can cover any additional expenses you encounter due to that emergency. This might include things like additional accommodation, flights, phone calls and even meals.

Cancellations, Curtailments & Journey Resumptions

If there is an emergency and you need to cancel your trip before you leave, or cut it short after you depart, your insurance will cover any money that you would lose (e.g. non-refundable flights, hotel bookings).

If you’re covered for Journey Resumption, we’ll also pay so that you can resume your trip overseas at a later date.

Pre-Existing Medical Conditions

Pre-existing medical conditions are conditions that you have been diagnosed with prior to purchasing your policy. You’ll need to tell us if:

  • You have a diagnosed medical condition that you have received treatment, medication or medical advice for in the past 5 years
  • You are waiting on medical tests or treatments
  • Your medical practitioner has advised you not to travel for medical reasons
  • You are travelling to receive medical treatment overseas

We can then determine if we can cover your pre-existing medical condition under our policy. If we can’t, you’ll still be covered for other incidents, illnesses and injuries (just not ones related to your condition).

Travel Delay Expenses

Were you all ready to depart or fly into Australia on your return trip only to find that your travel had been delayed by more than 12 hours by your airline? Maybe due to bad weather, a breakdown or a strike?

If this happens, we’ll reimburse you the cost of your necessary additional meals and accommodation expenses, up to the limit in your specific policy (keep in mind that this won’t cover you if you miss a connecting flight).

Baggage & Valuables

Baggage and valuables can become lost, stolen or damaged during your travels. We’ll cover the cost of repairing or replacing these items if you experience an incident, up to the amount listed in your policy cover.

Remember that items like laptops, phones, tablets, cameras and video cameras will all have ‘sub-limits’ – or limits of their own. You’ll also need to purchase Standard or Top policies to get cover for these specific items.

Baggage Delays

Having your baggage delayed by a carrier can be pesky. If you discover your baggage has been delayed for more than 24 hours (on any flight that is not your final return trip to Australia), we’ll cover the essential items you need to buy in the interim, such as toiletries, clothes etc.

Passports & Money

Did you know that Tick Travel Insurance can cover you if your travel documents or monetary items become lost, stolen or damaged on your trip? This includes:

  • Passports
  • Visas
  • Travellers cheques
  • Cash

Personal Accident & Loss of Income

Unfortunately, accidents can happen when on holiday. If yours is caused by external factors only and results in certain permanent disabilities, we’ll pay you the sum listed in your policy. For more information check your PDS.

If you experience an accident that also prevents you from working full-time after you return to Australia, we’ll pay you a portion of your average lost income. More info on this can be found in your PDS.

Personal Liability

If you’re involved in an accident overseas that harms another individual or causes property damage or loss, the financial and legal repercussions can be significant.

Cover in this area provides you with up to $3 million for costs in situations where you are found to be legally liable. We’ll also provide you with legal representatives to handle your defence or prosecution.

Pet Care

Leaving your furry friend (cat or dog) behind while you travel? No worries!

If your flight is delayed by more than 24 hours on your final flight home and your pet is in a kennel or cattery, we’ll cover the additional boarding costs up to the limits in your policy.


Excesses are amounts that you need to pay before we can pay you out for any approved claim.

  • $250 standard excess in our Basic, Budget and Standard policies
  • $200 standard excess in our Top policies
  • You can choose a lower excess of $0 if you wish (which will make your premium slightly higher)

Rental Vehicle Excess Waiver

If you plan to hire a rental car, our Rental Vehicle Excess Waiver can save you significant cash!

If you need to claim on your insurance with the rental company (due to an accident, damage or theft), you’ll often need to pay an excess to them. Sometimes, this can mean hundreds or thousands of dollars.

Tick Travel Insurance’s Rental Vehicle Excess Waiver means that we’ll pay this excess for you – as long as you rent the car for no more than 15 days, don’t drive off a Public Highway and the vehicle has less than 9 seats.

Children & Dependents

At Tick Travel Insurance, we’re all for family travel! That’s why we offer FREE cover for any child or dependent (including grandchildren, adopted children, foster children) travelling with their parent or grandparent. This means that your child will receive the exact same level of cover that you get.

A child is classified as someone who is under 18 years of age at the time the policy is purchased