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Financial Hardship Policy

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At Tick Insurance, we recognise that a person’s Financial Hardship can give rise to unique needs and that their needs can change over time and in response to certain situations. We encourage you, as our customer, to tell us about any financial Hardship you may have so that we can arrange additional support — otherwise, there is a risk that we may not find out about your situation and not provide you with the support or assistance needed.

1. What is Financial Hardship?

“Financial Hardship” means you are having difficulty meeting your financial obligations to us. If you are experiencing Financial Hardship and owe money to us or you are in a financial difficulty as a result of a claim, you can apply to us to see if you qualify for assistance.

PLEASE NOTE: Financial Hardship assistance cannot be provided for unpaid general insurance premiums.

2. How We Can Help

If you tell us, or we identify, that you are experiencing Financial Hardship, we may consider:

  • Fast-tracked assessment of a claim.
  • Grant an interim policy cover without prejudice to us.
  • Advancing indemnity funds to you.
  • Paying a reduced lump sum regarding a recovery from you or excess.
  • Additional options to be considered along with you to reduce your financial stress.

3. How You Can Apply for Financial Hardship Support

If you have any request or question about Financial Hardship, please send us an email at, call us on the Phone (within Australia): 02 9333 3999 or phone (outside Australia): +61 2 9333 3999 and just ask for help on a Financial Hardship situation.

Also, note that we may ask you to send us additional information about your financial situation as part of your application. These documents will help us determine the best way to support you (and your family).

4. Other Helpful Information and Available Support

Here are free and confidential financial counselling resources that can provide advice to Australians in every state and territory: