Claims Information

Do you need to make a claim?

Claiming is an easy process at Tick Travel Insurance. All you need to do is:

  1. Download and complete the relevant claim form below.
  2. Print, sign and email the claim form to us. Alternatively you can post it to us.

Please submit your signed and completed claim form to Please also keep the original claim form, receipts and any damage item until your claim has been assessed and approved. In the case we require any of those in the course of your claim assessment we will let you know.

What can you claim?

As per your Tick Travel insurance policy, you can make a claim for anything that you are covered for. This might include medical expenses, damaged/lost luggage or a cancelled trip.

Common claim forms:

Other claim forms:

If you would like to make a claim related to any other area of your cover please contact our team.
You should register any claim within 30 days after completion of your travel

You must provide us with original invoices, receipts and other vouchers relating to your loss or expenses. It is the responsibility of the insured person to provide proof of ownership of any lost, stolen or damaged items and we are under no obligation to make payment without this proof of ownership

You must produce your policy schedule

You must provide us with all the information we require

You must register any claim within 30 days after completion of your travel

If you’re unsure what you can claim for, you can contact our Tick Travel Insurance team here.