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Am I covered for a mount agung volcano eruption in Bali?

Created on May 23, 2024 -

Your potential coverage for claims relating to Mount Agung will depend on the date and time at which you purchased your policy, and whether you purchased natural disaster cover as an add on to your policy.

Please note: medical expenses incurred due to natural disasters are automatically covered in all international policies, without having to purchase the natural disaster cover option. 

The following information is about our natural disaster policy in general, and does not apply specifically to Mount Agung. To include any unexpected Natural Disaster as a claimable event, you must have purchased this option and the option must be shown on your Policy Schedule.

This option can include cover for Sections A (Cancellation), C1 (Cutting your trip short) and C2 (Additional Emergency Expenses) dependent on the level of cover you select.

Medical cover due to any Natural Disaster is automatically included in all International policies without purchasing this option.

Additional coverage of this upgrade is dependent on your cover level selected. For example if you select a Basic policy, this additional cover will not extend to include cover for Sections A and C1. As per General Exclusion 3, there is no cover for costs incurred relating to a Natural Disaster if an event is already known prior to purchasing a policy.